With the demand for schools to have a 1:1 device environment, it is critical that schools have a robust wireless network to support their technology needs. ClassroomSmart has very unique advanced wireless solutions that can seamlessly support 1:1 technology learning environments. A proper WiFi network will allow the students in all areas of the interior of the school to connect seamlessly at the same time. The WiFi network will include a user-friendly interface which will allow authentication per computer by the school’s IT staff. This will prevent unauthorized access from outside of the school and maintain a robust wireless infrastructure. A secure WiFi network has multiple SSID’s to allow segregation of the network. This allows teachers to have access to different content on the Internet and local resources than students would have. A robust wireless network would allow all types of devices to connect, including Windows based, Mac based, and Android.

Which Wireless System will best fit my school needs?

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