projectors / media sync device / tablets / interactive whiteboards

Now more than ever, to be an effective teacher your staff will require the latest technology. Having an effective combination of hardware and software to assist them will extend their potential in teaching their students.  One of the most amazing technologies to emerge in the last few years is hand held tablets.  These devices have changed the way that a teacher interacts with their students.  No longer do they need to spend time with their back to the class writing their lesson out on the board.  They now can prepare their lesson ahead of time and using the tablet, media sync device and projector, and they can display this lesson at the touch of a button. This allows them to spend more time assisting the students one on one, rather than standing at the whiteboard.

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classroom audio enhancement

This system is used in the classroom and allows the teacher to speak at a normal tone and be heard consistently throughout the whole classroom.  The system integrates with the media sync device and projector. Any sound that comes from the teacher’s computer or tablet will be heard throughout the class. It comes with a system that allows it to also connect with the schools paging and intercom system. It automatically mutes when a bell rings or a message is played over the intercom system. It comes with a wearable microphone for the teacher and a handheld microphone to be used by students.