Phone Systems

VOIP Phone Systems are a low cost solution to keep your teachers in communication with the office and other staff.  The handsets in the classroom act as an intercom system as well as a typical phone.  It uses Voice Over Internet Protocol and is connected directly back to the server room.  This enables the phone to still work even in the case of a power outage.  VOIP phone systems make and receive calls over the Internet much like sending and receiving emails.  The calls are transferred into data and sent through the Internet.

Our custom Phone System includes the following options…

  • No recurring licensing fees
  • Up to 40 concurrent phone calls (in & out)
  • Voicemail, visual voicemail, and voicemail sent directly to email addresses
  • Phone forwarding to teacher/staff mobile numbers
  • Digital e-fax
  • Separate administrative phone numbers
  • Bell scheduler w/easy drag & drop interface, multiple zones, works w/any MP3 audio file for sounds, example – turkey gobble sound at Thanksgiving time
  • Ability to integrate multiple schools or campuses together

Hosted VS Non-Hosted Phone System

We also have a hosted (cloud based) phone system available as another option.  If you are looking for low upfront costs and minimal recurring monthly fees for your phone system, then our hosted phone system might be a good option for you.

Which Phone System will best fit my school needs?

Answer a few basic questions to determine which phone system will best fit your school needs
Are you a brand new charter school this year?
Are you a new construction or moving into an existing building?
Approximately how many classrooms do you plan to have?
How many total phones will you want in the front reception area?
How many separate admin offices will you have?
How many other miscellaneous rooms will you want a phone placed (ie -commons area, teacher lounge, library, media center, kitchen serving, etc)
How many years has your school been in operation?
Does your school currently have a phone system?
Is your current phone system Analog or Voip?
If known, what is the name of your current phone system?
Are you having any issues with your current phone system?
What type of ceiling will you have in place?
How many total phones do you have in the school?
Will you want to add any additional phones? If so, how many?
Please tell us what you are looking for: