Over 50 schools in 14 States

With over 50 schools in 14 States and growing, we are a leading educational technology group.  

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Why ClassroomSmart?

Our unique approach from conception to completion allows schools a complete solution without needing multiple vendors, eliminating worries and ineffectiveness of integrating each individual vendor and technology. School administrators have budgets to meet. Because of this, many do their best to price shop multiple vendors, yet often fall short of getting the proper, long-term technology infrastructure in place.

With the demand for schools to have a 1:1 device environment, it is critical that schools have a robust network to support their technology needs. ClassroomSmart has very unique advanced wireless solutions that can seamlessly support 1:1 technology learning environments.

How We Began

ClassroomSmart began as Skywire Communications in 2006 as an Internet Service Provider in Southern Utah. This beginning gave SkyWire cutting-edge resources, as well as large-scale experience and staff. We implemented our first school deployment in 2011 and have since brought these invaluable assets to form Skywire Technologies & Consulting & ClassroomSmart. With numerous deployments under our belt, we have continued to expand into the educational industry with a strong focus on Charter Schools Nationwide.

Our Project Capacity

During the period of March through November we work with multiple clients to provide end-to-end services. We typically deploy 10-20 larger scale (conception to completion) projects during this period of time. In conjunction to deploying these projects, our firm provides ongoing support for all completed projects based upon their needs. We have been very flexible and moldable which allows us the opportunity to add new projects to our schedule.


Meet Our Team

Ryan Erekson

Chief Executive Officer / President

Matt Densley

Chief Technical Officer / Senior Solution Consultant

Tom Bush

Director of Deployments / Product Manager

Joy Phillips-Bush

VP Business Development / Strategic Partnerships

Steve Bundy

Lead Install Technician

James Richards


Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Freedom Preparatory Academy has been partners with ClassroomSmart for several years.  When other educational technology companies had failed our school, we turned to ClassroomSmart for their expertise, competent installers, and customer support employees.  ClassroomSmart even fixed their competitor’s equipment in our building when the competitor didn’t know how to.  On the off chance we have had an issue, ClassroomSmart was there to fix it.  Their knowledge in educational technology far surpasses others who claim to do the same.”

Chris Helvey, M.Ed., Business Manager

“The Classroom Smart team made the process easy and cost effective for us to achieve our organizational IT goals. We thoroughly enjoyed working with such a world class organization and hopefully have a chance to do so again in the future. If you are looking for a team that goes above and beyond, this is the one.”

Swen Anderson, Board Director

“Classroomsmart is our one stop “go to” company for all our technology needs. Their technicians are knowledgeable and they are a pleasure to work with. They are timely and prompt and reasonably priced.”

Deby Infanger, Executive Director